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howilliknow is a personal blog where I share a wide range of how to create, perform and also General knowledge tips.

In this blog I will be giving a tutorial based on my knowledge and experience as an author who has just started to know and learn about it all are self-taught, with hopes to be able to share their knowledge.

A portion of the script that is contained in the articles of this blog is not a result of I make, so I'm sorry if my friend found some scripts without including the source because those scripts I've stored previously in offline media and I don't know that makes it.

In this blog I have also provided some useful tips for the whole way that there is a problem. I hope this blog can hopefully provide a useful contribution to all readers.

Thus a brief description about the howilliknow blog.

If there are any suggestions and criticisms about this blog, please feel free to be my friend in Off Topic page or contact me through the contact form.
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