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How Much is the Apple Watch

How Much is the Apple Watch? Apple revealed its most current as well as biggest smartwatch on Tuesday, the Apple Watch Series 3.

The watch-- which for the initial time includes a cellular connection, giving customers the capability to stream music while leaving their phone in the house-- is the 3rd generation of Apple's smartwatch as well as features a layout much like the previous versions.

Apple Watch Series 3 will set you back $329 for the base design, yet the version with the mobile link will certainly cost $399. The watch is available to preorder starting Friday, September 15, and it will certainly be available to purchase a week later on, on September 22.

How Much is the Apple Watch

The watch is available in 3 shades: a new gold coating, silver, as well as space gray. The new Apple Watch Edition, which is more pricey and also has a ceramic instance, will come in a new grey coating (the previous variation came just in white).

Apple is likewise releasing a brand-new "sporting activity loophole" band, along with a number of new colors of bands in other designs and also materials.

Fans of the Apple Watch Series 1 as well as 2 can still purchase those earlier generations on Apple's on-line store.

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